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Dentrie™ - Ultrasonic Plaque Remover

Simply brushing your teeth will not remove tartar and plaque.

Dentrie™ uses advanced vibrations to remove tartar, plaque, and stains from your teeth while massaging your gums.

Fresh Breath All Day

If you have issues with bad breath, Dentrie™ simple and practical design can be used to remove tartar deposits before they cause damage to your enamel or injure your gums.

What makes them different?

With 5 different adjustable frequency levels, Dentrie™ removes Tartar, stains, and plaque--all with the touch of a button

It's an easy and less expensive solution than going to the dentist. Can be stored close at hand in your bathroom. Convenient for travel! 


Dental plaque is a sticky, colorless, or pale yellow film that is constantly forming on your teeth. When saliva, food, and fluids combine, plaque - which contains - forms between your teeth and along the gum line.



 Package Includes 

  •  Dentrie™ - Ultrasonic Plaque Remover
  •  USB Charging Cable 
  •  User Manual